by Camel of Doom

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"The brand new full-length album by the British experimentalists. Starting with psychedelic stoner doom metal, Camel of Doom have come to make sophisticated music mixing doom death metal and sludge doom metal, with a tendency towards psychedelic effects and energetic riffs. Combining groovy moments with lengthy atmospheric riffs, adding industrial motifs to their masterpiece, the musicians paint a wide scale picture of cosmic chaos and, at the same time, harmony expressed with a share of melody. Also noteworthy is the breakthrough the band have made in forming a dense sound, fully disclosed in ‘Terrestrial’."

After several months of pre-production, we entered Priory Recording Studios in January 2015 to record and begin mixing the record with guitarist/vocalist Kris Clayton's former Esoteric band-mate, doom supremo Greg Chandler. These tracks represent the results of this session.

The band originally formed in 2002, and performed a handful of shows around the UK in 2004/2005. After a short hiatus, the band continued as a one man project of founder Kris Clayton, then playing with UK doom band Esoteric. Following the release of the Psychodramas LP in 2012, the line-up was expanded to it's current state with the addition of bassist Simon Whittle. For the recording of Terrestrial we were assisted on drums by the extremely capable Thomas Vallely (Lychgate, Omega Centauri). The band has recently become a three piece with the addition of Ben Nield as a permanent drummer. This has allowed the band to play live once more, with shows planned throughout 2016 and beyond.

Solitude Productions


released December 2, 2016

Kris Clayton - Guitar/Keyboards/Vocals
Simon Whittle - Bass
Thomas Vallely - Drums (Studio Session)

Engineered by Greg Chandler and Kris Clayton
Mixed and Mastered by Greg Chandler
Produced by Kris Clayton
Art by Daniele Lupidi



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Track Name: Cycles (The Anguish of Anger)
While one
While true
While X is X

During each iteration, new experiences fill my memory
Bringing me closer to the inevitable stack overflow

The mind breaks down with cyclic patterns
Adding to ever shrinking free space
The mind is finite, recursion infinite
Cannot contain life’s unending torments

A circle has no end
This method returns itself

While one
While true
While X is X

My mind stack overflows
Pressure exceeds threshold
Destructive tendency
My rage is now unleashed

As my mind has broke down
So I do unto you
Feel my righteous anger
Feel my vicious revenge

The cycle comes round full circle again
Hate upon anger. Anger upon hate
Track Name: Pyroclastic Flow
Burning cloud descends instantly
Hellish mountain breathing wind of fire
All consuming heat-sphere, glowing red
Catastrophic sky, gaseous funeral pyre

We all burn
Cloud of ash
We all burn

Convection currents rise into the heavens
Spreading out then falling on homes of man
Turning eyes above, towards impending doom
Boiling the waters, scorching the land

Instant boiling of body fluids
Massive failure of internal organs

The reek of burning flesh is lost on my brain dead corpse
The sight of fallen friends is lost on my sightless soul
Track Name: Singularity
Gravity curving a region of space-time
Event horizon, point of no return
Thermodynamic, quantum field theory
Emitting electromagnetic radiation

The infinitesimal flow of time
Wraps around my neck like a noose
As it pulls tight I feel my soul collapse
Into a single point, a black hole in space

Inferring presence through interaction
With other matter and radiation
Growing and merging with my brethren
Become super massive, form galaxies

The quintessential void of space
Caresses my soul like a vice
Caught inside its grip all I am is crushed
Into a single point, a moment in time

You can't escape the pull
Black Hole
Track Name: Euphoric Slumber
Euphoric Slumber
The warmth inside
Falling into oblivion
Floating on a cloud so high

Want this feeling
All the time
To have this feeling
Is to die

All I want is more

Close your eyes
Visions of heaven
All around you
The azure sky

Euphoric Slumber
The warmth inside
Falling through oblivion
Dancing in a clouded high

I found god in a pill
To be so high, divine will

Want this feeling
All the time
To have this feeling
Is to die

All I want is more
Track Name: Sleeper Must Awaken
You think that you're in control
Master of your fate
You think that you have a soul
Time to contemplate
You think that you can decide
Everything you do
You'll find that you cannot hide
Though you cannot see the truth

Wake up from your dreaming life
Dream on in awakened light
Wake up

It's the way you see through eyes naive
It's time to change the way you perceive
It's the way the world conspires to blind you
It's time to break the chains that bind you

Learn to unwind yourself then you can find yourself
Learn to shed your skin, motivate from within
Learn to see the lies with true unblinkered eyes
Learn to change this state; choose to deny your fate

Rise, wake up
Leave your dreams
Rise, shake up
Live your dreams