The Diviners Sage

by Camel of Doom

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Steve Rodger
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Steve Rodger What's not to like here, long doomy space jams guaranteed to induce slow steady head nodding and my payment cards begs for mercy again....... Favorite track: Monolith.
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Originally recorded by the now defunct 04/05 line-up and appropriately completed in a haze of Salvia smoke and Benzylpiperazine by Kris Clayton in 2008, The Diviners Sage is the crowning glory of Camel of Dooms full line-up era. Three epic songs, each mixing heavy-as-hell riffage with the spaced out saxfests that defined the band, held together with a layer of fuzz, echoes and vintage 70′s keyboards, all adding up to a warm and delightful tribute to cosmic space, shamanic ritual and imagined mythology.


released June 2, 2008

Guitar/Vocals/Keyboards - Kris Clayton
Drums - Tom Sadler
Bass - Laura Whittingham
Saxophone - Rosie Potts

Music and Lyrics by Kris Clayton
Produced/Engineered/Mixed etc by Kris Clayton



Track Name: The Diviners Sage
The colours merge into one form
The voices calling me to join them
I leave this world through a tunnel
A tunnel of light and shapeless forms

What are these words that I'm hearing?
I can't make sense of any of them

My sense tingle, my skin is crawling
The real world becomes more real
The visions I see soon engulf me
Spinning in and out again

Entheogenic ritual
guides me to a higher plane
I have become so much more
Than the sum of my seperate parts
Past memories
And sensations of motion
Merging and becoming objects
Overlapping realities

Diviners Sage

I have become
One with the universe
Filled with insight
And a lust for life
Each journey goes deeper
Than the last
Closer to becoming
One with the Gods
Track Name: Monolith
It came at dawn
To form mankind
It placed new thoughts
In primate minds

Travel through time and space
Evolve the Human Race

A man sits in
A room alone
Slowly he starts
To change again

Travel through time and space
Evolve the Human Race
Track Name: EarthHammer
Thor strikes the EarthHammer
Lightning bolts fall from his hands
Odin cries a fatal warcry
Buildings collapse in his lands

Neptunes ocean roars above him
Tidal waves approach on shore
Mars looks down on all his people
Soon he knows they'll fight his war

Jupiter, he feasts forever
Even till his mortal death
Baccus follows drinking wine
He is lord of floral breath

Venus leads the fighting vixens
Given power they will win
Still pure though shes lost her maidenhead
She knows shes clean of the stain of sin

Camels rip your bleeding eardrums
Then we make the earth pulsate
King Dragon of times forgotten
The ground he walks begins to shake

EarthHammer is in Control
EarthHammer is the lord of all
Under him the mere mortals
Know its time for them to fall