Psychodramas: Breaking the Knots of Twisted Synapse

by Camel of Doom

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Azazel ♒ 7293
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Azazel ♒ 7293 This album is so heavy, I feel frightened by my own musical tastes sometimes. I mean this was designed to make you shit your pants all alone, no other option. Favorite track: The Anger of Anguish.
Mike Liassides
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Mike Liassides Gloriously inventive Psych/Prog/Doom hybrid. Full review here: Favorite track: From The Sixth Tower.
The Shrieks From Below
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The Shrieks From Below A band featuring ex -Esoteric guitarist Kris Clayton. There are fleeting elements of Esoteric in this, but if Esoteric went more stoner, trippy and trad doom with a dash of death metal, then this album is what you would come up with. If anyone is put off by earlier albums (like me) don't be put off buying this. 17 mostly excellent tracks for 4 quid, bargain. Favorite track: The Anger of Anguish.
Kostas Panagiotou
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Kostas Panagiotou Massively intense psych doom. Neurosis jamming with Hawking and Esoteric. Favorite track: The Anger of Anguish.
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The new album from ex-Esoteric guitarist Kris Clayton. It was recorded, mixed and mastered at Priory Recording Studios by Esoteric mainman and long time collaborator Greg Chandler, and produced by Kris Clayton to finally realize the dream imagined when the band was formed 10 long years ago.

Melding together influences from Doom, Death Metal, Stoner Rock and 70's Psychedelic and Progressive rock genres, the record aims to be as heavy as it is trippy, as melodic as it is dissonant and as beautiful as it is twisted. This record takes the foundations built by earlier albums and adds to them, retaining the bands trademark ambient saxophone infused doom and creating new sounds with forays into blissed out vocoded post-rock and early 90's death metal, with brief stops into dark ambient and funeral doom along the way.

Lyrically it is a concept record telling of how the artist used arcane techniques to rebuild a mind shattered by constant self abuse, drawing on the darkest aspects of the psyche to force his mind in submission to his own will. Themeatically, the band has matured immensely - hardly surprising that Kris Clayton formed the band aged just 13. The sound has grown up with him.


released December 3, 2012

All music and lyrics written and performed solely by Kris Clayton

All instruments were performed at various home studios 2009-2012
Engineered by Kris Clayton

Vocals and reamping done at Priory Recording Studios
Engineered by Greg Chandler

Mixed and Mastered at Priory Recording Studios by Greg Chandler

Produced by Kris Clayton
Artwork by Kris Clayton



all rights reserved
Track Name: The Anger of Anguish
Compassion! How can it be?
Strength and weakness, are the same!
Irrational! Illogical!
Irreconcilable aspect of my beliefs

Selfishness, it pleases me
To bring happiness to you
Confusion I feel, but I care not
This feels right, so it must be

By what measure makes a man?
And how do I weigh up?
After all that I could have done,
Was caring enough?

I cry tears for you, when you don’t succeed
I will always come whatever you need
My blood will mix with yours when you bleed
Wherever you go, I will follow your lead

When I see madness in a mans eyes
I understand
And when I see darkness
I empathise
This was me once,
not so long ago
Above all else it is sadness
That drives me on

Compassion grants me power
Caring gives me strength
Track Name: From The Sixth Tower
I want to put a piece of myself into you
I want you to feel what I feel
In this moment, joined as one we are
Ancient communion, as old as mankind

From the sixth tower
The 24th verse.
36 Chapters...
Condensed to One.

Can you feel me deep inside you?
See obscene vistas of my dark desires?
There has come a sign, joining the salts within
Move the body, summon the flesh

The 7th and the 2nd
Homage to glamour, homage to lust
May the 13th vex deniers of pleasure
And empower the talisman of the free

Take it on the chin
I pass my power on to you
Accept this gift with willing fervour
Let it drip across your contours

Dreams and desires as I hold myself
A rite of passage for each man
To know oneself is to look upon the face of god
The feeling makes it so
Track Name: Self Hypnosis I: The Manual
Draw the circle
Prepare the blue fire
Raise the chalice
To trick the mind

Robes in the darkness
Dagger in your hand
Westward lies your gaze
To freedom, freedom through

Self Hypnosis
Freedom of Emotion
Break the knots
Of Twisted Synapse

Toward the common the goal

Self Hypnosis
Empowered by fiction
Lie to yourself
And Live Your Own Will!
Track Name: Machine of Annihilation
Rise! Unholy one, crush the feeble scum
who’s lies won’t be undone
Force the hand that bleeds, sow the wicked seed
Vengeance hence force is decreed

Cry! Infernal names, to cleanse my soul of blame
Condemn, absolve, defame
Call! Summon him, master of all sin
Fuel the hatred from within

Burn! Vile wretched slave... Only scorn I feel
Move and appear! Present yourself to him
Stand, as a monolith... Smash the stillness of the air
Rot the fucking minds of those who mock the just
Blast! The winds do multiply... my hateful bitterness
Pierce the lungs with the sting of my venom
Great black slimy shapes... rise from brackish pits
Vomit forth their pustulence into the puny brained

I am the machine of annihilation
I have come to rend your soul
I am the machine of annihilation
I have come to rend your soul

Woe! Woe! Woe! Woe be to the earth

Come now as a hawk
Peck out the holy eyes
Flap your leathered wings
Blind the faceless one
Sharpen your mighty claws
On religious flesh
Death to the self righteous ones
Fuck them all watch them burn

Curse them, curse them
Love is the law
Love under MY will...