Camel of Doom (Demo)

by Camel of Doom

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Space begins here. The first Camel of Doom album to feature a full line-up, including the sax that would become integral to the bands sound over the next few years. Whilst still strikingly lo-fi, this record replaces the razor-wire fizz of the earlier records with a warm, reverberant fuzz. A step forwards in almost every way.


released November 2, 2004

Music and Lyrics by Kris Clayton

Performed by:
Kris Clayton – Guitar/Vocals/Sounds
Tom Sadler – Drums
Laura Whittingham – Bass
Rosie Potts – Sax

Recorded and Mixed at ALE in 2004 by Kris Clayton



Track Name: EarthHammer (Demo)
Thor strikes the EarthHammer
Lightning bolts fall from his hands
Odin cries a fatal warcry
Buildings collapse in his lands

Neptunes ocean roars above him
Tidal waves approach on shore
Mars looks down on all his people
Soon he knows they'll fight his war

Jupiter, he feasts forever
Even till his mortal death
Baccus follows drinking wine
He is lord of floral breath

Venus leads the fighting vixens
Given power they will win
Still pure though shes lost her maidenhead
She knows shes clean of the stain of sin

Camels rip your bleeding eardrums
Then we make the earth pulsate
King Dragon of times forgotten
The ground he walks begins to shake

EarthHammer is in Control
EarthHammer is the lord of all
Under him the mere mortals
Know its time for them to fall
Track Name: King Dragon (Demo)
Lord of the air and Lord of space
Lord of the birds and the reptile race
Those afraid of his poison jaws
Also flee from his razor sharp jaws
From the egg he killed to feed
Raping what he could to plant his seed
King Dragon is coming for you
He has killed before and he'll kill you too

King Dragon
Lord of this land
All men fear
His iron claw

Leaving the ground and flying through the air
Dying is good for all he cares
Mortal men are of no concern
Immortality is what he's earned
A golden blade is all he fears
None he has seen for a thousand years
But then one day, on dromedary steed
A warrior arrives - A king of weed

Lord of Doom
Draws his sword
Strikes it deep
Dragon is slain!